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    Default Re: TWolves Strategy...

    Quote Originally Posted by bagelred
    Kahn is so stupid, that he made 7 trades in a row tonight, and by the end of the 7th trade, he ended up with the same players he started with.

    BTW, I saw the gif of your avy!

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    Default Re: TWolves Strategy...

    I can't believe they traded away Johnny Flynn... The guy was their 6th pick a couple years ago, and he showed that he has potential to be a good PG. If he didn't get injured last season, he would put up numbers like 15 points 6 assists. Now the Wolves basically traded him away for Brad Miller.. who could barely do anything on the court anymore.

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    Default Re: TWolves Strategy...

    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Hero
    I stopped watching is this factual or just funny?
    Just funny, but let's pretend its factual.

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