So I had a debate with a friend about the significance of the combine measurements and tests. He says it's over rated and a waste of time. I say no way, it definitely helps me out especially in the later rounds and also sorting out the undrafted rookie fa's. I think they're is going to be quite a few undrafted rookies who make it on rosters and have us scratching our heads in a few years like.. Wow how did I miss that? Here I compiled a list of combine tests. First the lane agility (under 11seconds). Shuttle run ( sub 3 seconds). 3/4 sprint (sub 3.24 seconds). I don't know, I just came up with this criteria as nba standard from looking at past nba times from previous nba stars/players I have posted at the bottom of the page to compare with.

If history serves correct.. One of the top three projected picks will end up being a bust. Never has there been a situation where all top three picks have been great that I recall. However, this also means that a star player or two and another 1-2 solid contributors will emerge out of the 4-10 picks.. My guess from looking at the combine results is Dante exum, Noah vonleh, aaron Gordon, Marcus smart, zach lavine. Gordon tested off the charts in every category besides the 3/4 sprint but then he also has almost a 7 foot wing span with 10.5 inch hand width.. and a 39 inch max vert. Noah vonleh on the other hand tested adequately athletically but he measured with a 7 '4 wingspan and a 12 inch hand width and a 37 inch max vert. Those are great numbers with preference leaning towards size and length for most teams. Couple of things I noticed was only three players made it on all three lists.. Zach lavine, Dante exum, and deandre Kane! What's crazy is Kane isn't projected to get drafted in some mocks and as early as mid second round. Quite a few got really close on this triple threat criteria, like Marcus smart, Scottie wilbekin, Jordan clarkson, aaron craft!... Etc.. so on and so forth. One player I'd like to point out is Markel brown I believe could've easily have made this list but he bombed on the lane agility, which I can understand since you can make terrible mental mistakes if your not familiar with the routine of the test. Another guy who I felt tested very well was cleanthony early.. 40 inch max vert! Along with impressive speed times. Also what's interesting check out kawhi Leonard's measurements at the bottom, he had only a 25.5 one step vertical and a 32 inch max vertical but has a 7 '3 wingspan and 11.25 width hands, so he didn't do all that well athletically besides the sprint but his length was impressive. Take a look.

Zach LaVine PG-SG 10.42
Scottie wilbekin pg 10.65
Dante Exum SG 10.75
Jordan Clarkson PG 10.76
Aaron Craft PG 10.78
Nik Stauskas SG 10.79
Nick Johnson SG 10.80
Aaron Gordon PF. 10.81
Marcus Smart PG 10.82
Kendall Williams PG 10.83
DeAndre Kane PG 10.95

TOP SHUTTLE TIMES (sub 3 secs)
Aaron Gordon PF 2.76
Zach LaVine PG-SG 2.80
Tyler Ennis PG 2.84
Kendall Williams PG 2.85
DeAndre Kane PG 2.85
Dante Exum SG 2.88
Dwight Powell PF 2.88
Markel Brown SG 2.90
Aaron Craft PG 2.90
Alec Brown PF-C 2.91
James McAdoo PF 2.91
Joe Harris SG 2.92
Elfrid Payton PG 2.92
Nik Stauskas SG 2.92
CJ Wilcox SG 2.92
Nick Johnson SG 2.95
Cleanthony Early SF 2.96
Marcus Smart PG 2.96
Jordan Clarkson PG 2.98

TOP 3/4 SPRINT TIMES (sub 3.24 secs)
KJ McDaniels sf 3.10
Scottie wilbekin pg 3.11
Melvin Ejim SF 3.14
Glenn Robinson III SF 3.15
DeAndre Kane PG 3.16
Thanasis Antetokounmpo SF. 3.18
Markel Brown SG 3.18
Cleanthony Early SF 3.18
Dante Exum SG 3.19
Zach LaVine PG-SG 3.19
Shabazz Napier PG 3.20
Dwight Powell PF 3.20
CJ Wilcox SG 3.22
Elfrid Payton PG 3.23
Jahii Carson PG 3.24

Dwayne wade 10.56 3.08
Kirk Hinrich 10.98 3.10
Carmelo Anthony 11.40 3.15
Kawhi Leonard 11.45 3.15
John wall. 10.84 3.14

Trevor booker. 11.15 3.10

Gerald Henderson 11.17 3.14
James Harden 11.10 3.13
Tyreke Evans 11.81 3.17

Kawhi Leonard. 7' 3 8' 10" 9.75 11.25. 25.5 10' 11.5" 32.0 11' 6 11.45 3.15