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It's called being hurt? During their win streak he was absolutely dominating and regularly the best player on the team and clearly more impactful than Kobe was that season. He, course, would hurt his knee, though, and play that entire playoffs hurt.

Let's compare Lebron and Wade during the 27-win streak

Wade - 23/6/6
Bron - 27/8/8

Wade also didn't play in two of the wins

Yeah, Wade had some nice games inbetween but best player on his team?

Kobe post-ASB averaged 28/6/7 so it's not like Wade was putting up bigger numbers than him or carrying a team, he had the luxury of playing with great shooters, Bosh and Lebron at his peak. Kobe was out there playing 40-48 minutes every night in April to get an average team into the Playoffs.