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    Exclamation Gotterdammerung's 2024 NBA Play-in Tournament Picks!

    It's actually more difficult to pick the Play-in games because it's sudden death. Anyone can go off and tilt the playing field into their favor.

    Golden State Warriors vs the Sacramento Kings
    I like the Warriors because they're healthy, and winners of 8 of 10. Kings OTOH are backsliding at the worst time, losers of 6 out of their last 10, as well as hobbled.

    LA Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans
    Every time the Pelicans play the Lakers, they forget how to play basketball. AD has a tight back, but he should be ready by tip-off. He's dominated the Pellies. Plus LBJ has a mental hold over Zion, somewhat like how Coach Pop psyched out LBJ in the 2007 Finals.
    Lakers advance to 7th seed.

    Philadelphia Sixers vs Miami Heat
    The Sixers should win easily because their role players are superior to the Heat's. Also, the Heat's offense is pure crap, but they can get hot and hit 100 threes anytime, given their playoff runs in the past. But look at their roster. Who is going to guard Tyrese Maxey? Herro? Rozier?

    Not a chance.

    Atlanta Hawks? Chicago Bulls? What the heck? Do either one of them actually want to be in the playoffs? Neither of them have any business being anywhere near the playoffs. Whatta joke. Bulls for the hell of it.

    If I'm right, then the Heat will face the Bulls and beat them for the 8th spot. And the Pelicans will edge by the Kings for the final spot in the Western Conference.

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    Default Re: Gotterdammerung's 2024 NBA Play-in Tournament Picks!

    Heat over 76ers. Miami has been terrible at home and surprisingly good on the road. I predict the Heat to rain 3s and Buckets to torch the 76ers from the FT line with 12 FTAs.

    The Hawks on a 6 game losing streak will absolutely lose to the Bulls, only to get clapped by the 76ers by at least 15 points.

    On the West side, the Pelicans will make quick work of a Davis-less/ Hobbled AD Lakers, and the Kings will put an end to the Dubs dynasty. They will then run the Lakers out of the gym.

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