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Default 1st 2009 Chinese Fall invitational @ Temple Univ

Okay so for this tournament I got put on the E Team, kind of as a test IMO and probably because I'm a new addition to the team. So my team played in the lower division of the tournament (4 teams total). Our C Team played in the middle division (6 teams). The C team made finals and lost to a red hot Washington CYC team and my team lost in the finals to a NY team (NY Run N Gun). 2 teams bailed out we were supposed to have 6 I think.

Games are 16 minute halves running clock till 2min 2nd half in case you are wondering why scores are low.

Our tournament ended up like this:
Suns E vs Suns D = Suns D wins 48-34
I scored 11 pts this game
Suns D vs NY Run N Gun = NY wins (IDK score but it was by > 14)
Suns E vs Wash CYC B = Suns E wins 46-32
I scored 14 pts this game
Suns D vs Wash CYC B = Suns D wins 38-34
Suns E vs NY Run N Gun = NY wins 48-40
I scored 15 pts this game

Pool record (1-2)
Everyone makes playoffs
Suns E vs Suns D = Suns E wins 49-45 (up by 13 starters sat out and they nearly came back @ the end)
I scored 13pts in this game
NY Run N Gun vs Wash CYC B = NY wins 55-28 (blow out)
NY Run N Gun vs Suns E = 46-30 (had an early lead, lost it mid game, couldnt pull closer than within 7)
I scored 16pts and recalled 2 REALLY nice assists for finishers

Overall I think this was a good tournament for me. I had my friend, a PG that I've been playing with for years join last minute to strengthen this team. I had 2 previous C Team players on this team as well that helped me too. I was expecting to make the C/D team and be a role player instead I got put on the E team as the #1 option offensively while guarding the other teams #2 man, sometimes #1.

Our C team lost in the finals like I said but I really think they should've beat the Wash CYC A team, that team just happen to catch fire for a very long time (for nearly 7 possessions in a row they hit a 3). It was sick to watch. In the 2nd half when our team pulls within 5-6pts they immediately hit a 3, everytime.

GGs, I will look for photos but my GF wasn't there to take pics so unless the other girls got any i have none

Our next tournament is in November and this one I believe we will be putting a team in the more competitive divisions so I am anticipating to play higher up since I had a pretty good showing in the first tournament.

Look for us @ this upcoming event:

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