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Titles are overrated
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Default Let us talk ball like our sanctified fathers. Favorite offensive and defensive system

...and why?

I wont go so far as to expect you to know all the names and terms...just....the basic systems that made an impact on you.

2 stand out to me.

The Amoeba defense of UNLV back when they had Greg Anthony and so on in the late 80s/early 90s.....and the Princeton offense as run by the Kings under Adleman. Now the triangle of course got a lot of talk but to me that was only beautiful when you had the right group of legends to play in it. Ever watch the Kurt Rambis version on Minnesota or the Knicks under Phil?

But the way the Kings ran it was beautiful even when the stars were out. Webber missed a huge chunk of games and it maybe looked even better with Peja as the go to guy.

Them and the 80s Celtics when Walton and Bird were killing teams with high/low post action and cuts? All that hot big on big action like:

Didnt even need guards. The two big pick and rolls were my favorites. You see some of it wherever the Gasol brothers are and with Blake and DJ but I mean as the basis of the offense not a wrinkle in it.

I was briefly in love with the full court presses Nate Mcmillian and Gary Payton had going on for a while. I liked Pitinos teams when they tried it on the Knicks and Celtics too. I hate how so many teams play the same now. So little variety. Few obvious different approaches.

The spurs a few years ago brought back the passing and you can see it in Philly games now as well but for the most part...teams just copycat. Its been that way since everyone tried to start isolating and slowing the game down in the 90s. We lost a lot of variety with an influx of Mr. MeToo ass coaches.

I want to see someone come in and run a ****ing full court press again.

They opened up the defensive rules. Why do I almost never see some of the zones I saw when they were actually illegal? The Bucks and Lakers both played nooooooooooot quite zones. Box and ones and diamond and twos that other coaches would fume over not being called. Now you can do it and teams dont.

Most just went to the flooding Thibs copycat style on defense and try to be the Warriors on offense....but dont have the talent.

If youre gonna win just 39 games anyway(looking at you Hornets...) why not shake it up?

Be different.

Bring in some dobermans Jordan/Pippen style and hound dudes 94 feet and swap them out as they get tired. Get dudes who would embrace it. That kid on Philly Tj McConnell? I award him the Rick Pitino Medal of excellence for some of the full court presses ive seen him break out.

Damn I want to own an NBA team. Id hire a 84 year old coach and go back to Johnny Red Kerr high post offenses with centers dropping off passed between their legs to cutters.

The old styles never look like they would work as the league transitions....but basketball is basketball for the most part. It was funny to me watching Magic play like a forward out of 1970s during his comeback in 96. Ugly hooks and floaters that kept going in.

Im not sure a team with the IQ to do it couldnt play like the 86 Celtics today. They would be trading 2s for 3s a lot but id like to see them try it. Most of them arent gonna win anyway. Lets see some variety.
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Default Re: Let us talk ball like our sanctified fathers. Favorite offensive and defensive system

the triangle was taught to me by my coach, and boy, i tell you, when you truly understand it, it isn't what many of you think it is. most of you understand the triangle as an offense where the C stands at the low post, the F at the wing, and the G at the corner.
but that isn't what the triangle offense really is. our coach taught us the triangle, but only as a means of seeing where the passing lanes are. the triangle is always moving, and the players must move with each other, so the triangle is always maintained. so that at anytime, the player with the ball can always pass to any point in the triangle, even with his eyes closed, knowing there'll always be a teammate there to catch the ball. players are taught to move to the space to create the triangle. and because the player with the ball is always moving, the triangle's 3 points are always moving, depending on where the defenders are.
it's a fairly simple principle and an unstoppable offense since there's not a defense that can stop it. you see GSW, Spurs, and even Philly run it these days, but they don't let the secret out (well, Kerr let it slip that they run "elements of the triangle") but it's always the triangle. it can be nothing else. when you know it, you can see it.
ofc, when you understand the triangle, you know how to defend it.

as for full-court presses, there are some teams which this can be a legitimate strategy.

as for zones, reason it is used rarely today even when legal:

defensive 3 secs makes it hard to run, and even then, shooters will break it. you can't play it when you're behind on the scoreboard. smart teams will just burn the clock.

imo, man to man is the best defense you can play today.

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Titles are overrated
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Default Re: Let us talk ball like our sanctified fathers. Favorite offensive and defensive system

The defensive 3 seconds does hurt it....since it cant be real zone...but the teams that do it right in bursts can cause trouble.

As for full court defense I see why teams dont. It wears your guys down too much. The teams back in the day were prepared with a lot of substitutions when they did it or they just had some beasts like Nate and GP who could go all day and took pride in it.

One of the funniest things to see used to be Muggsy hounding some guy from the inbound. He had people flustered.
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