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Old 05-31-2008, 10:22 AM   #1
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Unhappy Time to Go Rasheed

Following the Pistons loss in Game 6 it's apparent that Rasheed Wallace needs to go. He is a headcase and isn't adding any value to the team.

Great article on Wallace and the Pistons: It's a Sad Day to be a Pistons Fan
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Old 06-01-2008, 04:44 PM   #2
Sonic R
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Default Re: Time to Go Rasheed

Wallace is in the final year of his contract now. Either way if he is not moved by February 2009 trade line, they will likely just let his contract out and let him go.

I imagine he will be packaged in some type of deal…

I'll chime in to say he has worn out his welcome here in Detroit. I still like the guy and thank him for his contributions while he was here but now is time to part ways and for the franchise to move forward.
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Old 06-01-2008, 07:34 PM   #3
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Default Re: Time to Go Rasheed

If you look at my post in the summer transactions thread I actually think there is a way the Pistons can get better and keep their core. Trading Sheed and getting another long term contract in return isn't good for the future of the team. I'm not sure who the Pistons could get in return that has the same skill set as Sheed anyhow. We desperately need help down low and getting rid of our best post player isn't the answer for that, unless the Timberwolves would be crazy enough to trade the #3 pick for him so we could get someone like Brooke Lopez. I think if we can get a young 7 footer to play the center position next to Sheed it will make things a lot easier on him. Sheed has been playing that Center position and it's not his true spot, he's a PF.

I must say that I don't like all of Sheeds antics but if the Pistons are winning there aren't any to put up with. He plays with a lot of emotion and I actually like that. In the years to come Maxiell is going to end up with more minutes too. That will cut into some of Sheeds time and probably McDyess too. So it isn't like he's going to be on the court for an entire game. I think a young athletic center next to Sheed is all the Pistons need to go back to the finals and win. Let's face it the Lakers are going to be the favorites for years to come and as it stands right now Detroit doesn't have enough to match up with Bynum and Gasol. But if they traded up and got a good center they would have Sheed and whoever they draft, they could put Prince on Odom, Rip on Kobe, Billups on Fisher, and still have a young athletic bench just like the Lakers. The smartest move is to keep Sheed and get better by making smart moves in this years draft.
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Old 06-12-2008, 12:11 AM   #4
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Default Re: Time to Go Rasheed

no the smartest move is not to keep the same team and draft smart. michael curry was probably a great first step towards repairing this team. Sheed was the only Pistons player to show at the press conference anouncing the hire. He seems to have genuine respect for him, something that I wasn't so sure the team had for Flip.

however, I think it would hurt the young guys seriously if we keep the same core. they are ready to step up. michael curry spent a lot of time with the young players this season and I think he'll be favorable to trusting guys like stuckey, maxiell, and amir johnson. we can't just let them ride the pine again. moving chauncey or rasheed would free up time for the pistons of the new era. chauncey would be good to move because he has 4 more years on his contract and is beginning to exit his prime. rasheed is an expiring contract and everybody always wants a big man. those are the two players I feel we need to center our offers around. one or the other or both in a package if we get back somebody special. if we are offering one of our core, we could combine that player with aflallo or maxiell or even both. That might fetch a really good player. McDyess is also in danger of being traded due to his expirer.

our biggest need is a post scorer, but I'm not sure what direction the front office wants to go with this. They seem to have a ton of faith in Amir. He has a decent touch around the basket and a lot of potential. Maxiell should start if he isn't traded and if Amir doesn't take his spot.
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Old 06-12-2008, 12:29 AM   #5
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Default Re: Time to Go Rasheed

Well, if you look at that post it is before Joe D came out and said he was making changes. Chauncey is my favorite player on the team and I think he is also the most important. But with the emergence of Stuckey I think he could be the person that gets traded. I have agreed with you for a long time about Detroit needing help in the post. I think it's been their achilles heel. More than scoring in the post they need a defender. They need a big man to clog the lanes.

I'm just not sure of the way they can get a big man that is going to be better than Sheed or equally as good but has a different game. I think Okafur might fit in alright but he isn't really a center. I'm not saying Sheed is but I am saying that is where the Pistons have a hole and they don't need another 4 because they have Amir and Maxiell.

I mentioned Carmello in another post but this does seem like a long shot. I like that it gives Detroit a player that can create his own shot which is something we've needed for a while. I'm not certain he is a better defender than Prince. Also if they got him what happens to Prince? Is he involved in the trade? Again this doesn't address the issue of a big man either. Besides getting Stuckey for Darko, this also looks bad to a certain extent since Detroit passed up Carmello and could have had him for nothing.

Besides Okafur I don't know of any other big men that are available. That's why I think we could make a trade of some sort and move up in the draft and try to get a big man that way. It may involve moving one of the core guys but it would keep most of the team intact. This team isn't in need of a complete rebuild. It just needs some tweaks.

With that said, I almost think Joe D wants to trade a couple of the pieces and bring in a superstar type player. I think he is done with having 4 or 5 good players and is looking for a couple good players and one superstar who can put the team on his back.
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Old 06-12-2008, 12:35 AM   #6
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Default Re: Time to Go Rasheed

I think we also forget the entire NBA is rigged and it really doesn't matter who is on the team. Before the season even started it was going to be Boston and LA in the finals, at least by Tim Donaghy's theory

In all seriousness the guy did say that stuff to the FBI which it's illegal to lie to them. That's why the Rocket and Bonds are in so much trouble right now. You can't lie to the Feds. I don't know why the Feds aren't looking into this more like they have with baseball. You gotta believe it a little bit otherwise how in the heck did Miami win a championship a couple years ago. We all know the refs gave them that one.
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