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Brandon Ingram interview

By Jeff Lenchiner,
September 22, 2016

With the second pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the Lakers selected Brandon Ingram, a Duke forward with a slight frame and massive potential. At the start of his career, he'll likely come off the bench behind new veteran addition Luol Deng. But every minute Ingram is on the floor in 2016-17, all eyes will be on him. editor Jeff Lenchiner met with Ingram this summer in Las Vegas for an exclusive interview:

brandon ingram interview You're in the league now. All that hard work paid off. How did it feel to get drafted?

Brandon Ingram: It felt great. Of course, I don't think it's hit me yet. Trying to work hard. Tried to work hard through summer league. It'll probably feel fully real once you're actually out there in Staples with that official jersey on.

Ingram: Just being out there, being with the guys that you looked up to all your life, and actually getting to play them now... Try to learn and go with those guys, and see the easiest way to score, and be active on the defensive end. When did you realize, during the college season, that this was the year to jump to the pros?

Ingram: I think it was at the end of the year. I think I always had an aspiration to try to win a national championship, and when it didn't happen I started thinking about it even more... at the end of the year I just knew I had a good opportunity for myself and my family, so I had to take it. What's your scouting report on yourself and your own game?

Ingram: Just a long, athletic guy. Just being versatile on the floor, being able to shoot the long ball and get to the basket... And also on the defensive end, getting in passing lanes and trying to use my length as a strength. You haven't even started your rookie season yet so this is super early but five years into your career, where did you hope to be as a player?

Ingram: Just, talks of being one of the best players in the league at that point. Trying to get better and better. Of course, make all the All-Star games. Just try to be one of the best in the league at that point. If you could immediately improve one skill of yours, what would you want to improve?

Ingram: Probably getting better defensively. I think I did a good job at summer league of trying to stay in front of my man, with my lateral quickness. Just try to get even quicker on my feet, to stop my guy and stay in front of him. Who are some of your favorite NBA players, now and also when you were younger?

Ingram: Of course I was a Kevin Durant guy when I came out of high school, and it's been like that since middle school. But, of course all these guys turn into rivals now, so it's just competitive. I still look up to these guys, but of course you got to get competitive now.


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