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L.A. Lakers- B-

Round 1:
(26)Jordan Farmar, PG, UCLA
Round 2:
(?) Cheik Samb, F, somewhere I think

traded Samb to Detroit for Maurice Evans I believe. Solid backup PG who will make an immediate impact in the triangle offense off the bench. Farmar is a good PG for the future, and we will give him time to bulk up. He was supposed to be the best PG in next years draft, ahead of Gabe Pruitt and Ronald Steele I think. He is another pick like Andrew Bynum, Cook, Walton, etc. that we will have to wait on a while before we get any contribution. I do wish we could have maybe taken Maurice Ager and try him at PG, but Farmar seems like a solid player. One of these years we will need to take the BPA, though. Farmar could be that in a few years. I give us a B- b/c i would have liked us to take a rebounder like Paul Millsap in the second round, but Evans will be a fine player for us and could eventually start.
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