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MY dream draft is Aldridge with the #1 pick. The Raptors need someone bigger then Bosh to play centre and I'm tired of seeing some no talent scrub being the centre because they are big. Alridge will hit the open shots he is given. The Raptors should bring him in for his shot-blocking (decent) and his rebounding (little above decent), but his offense will be important too.

The player that I REALY, REALLY, want is Rudy Gay. He makes little sense at #1 for the Raptors, but I think he will be the one player out of this draft that will be a star. I think the Raptors should trade for another pick to get Gay, even if it means trading CV3 as long as the Raptors get back a PG as well. Villa + resigned Mike James for 6th (Gay's rights) and a re-signed Marcus Banks would be amazing.

My dream draft without trading goes like this:

1st: Aldridge
35th: Daniel Gibson
56th: D.Brown
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