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I know what you mean ARoc, Gay is the one true star that could come from this draft, and in a way Toronto needs that. Yes we could get a solid center, but look at the league, most of the successful teams have star guards/swingmen. If Toronto got Gay, they'd not only have a guy who could be a huge star in the media, but could bring more balance to the team offensively, especially considering the new rules favouring perimeter play.

Gay's defense is also quite competent and if he worked at it could be very good, and a swingmen duo of MoPete and Gay would be very tough defensively.

honestly I would consider taking Gay at #1 if a deal wasn't available, because a) The Bobcats IMO will take him, and b) this is the guy that was supposed to be the #1 for over a year, and the talent is certainly still there, his stock just dropped because the stock of others has risen due to tourney play, etc.
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