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Default Re: Top 5 draftees you most want to watch..

Originally Posted by marny_navis
After dwindling down my list (and eliminating Yi Jianlian, since everyone has givin him enough attention in their top fives), I came to this top five:

1. Marco Belinelli, #18 to the Golden State Warriors- Belinelli has done well in summer league, and should be a great shooter. He may turn out to be the best player acquired for the Warriors on draft day, and that's saying something when UNC's Brandan Wright is in that small list.

2. Kevin Durant & Jeff Green, #2 and #5 to the Seattle Supersonics- I think Durant is the best player in this draft class, and he and Jeff Green could build the foundation for championships down the road. Plus, Seattle's immediate future seems very poor, so they could wind up with Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley next year if they're bad enough.

3. Nick Fazekas, #34 to the Dallas Mavericks- Fazekas was one of the best in college basketball last year. He has good range on his shot and could be a solid backup to Dirk Nowitzki in the future, and maybe even start at center eventually.

4. Rodney Stuckey & Aaron Afflalo, #15 and #27 to the Detroit Pistons- Stuckey and Afflalo could both be ready to contribute to the Pistons immediately, and will lay out the foundation for the future Pistons.

5. Alando Tucker, #29 to the Phoenix Suns- Tucker is small for a forward, but is a solid player that can contribute well off the bench for the Suns. He should be very exciting, and may be able to start at the 3 when Shawn Marion's gone, laying out the future for the Suns with Leandro Barbosa and Amare Stoudamire.

Belinelli at 18 is absolute robbery.
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