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Default Re: Top 5 draftees you most want to watch..

#1 Rodney Stucky - This guy is gonna be a steal at 15 and with him being the primary backup for both guard spots, he should have a good rookie season.

#2 Sean Williams - One of the most intriguing players in the draft. Without the troublesome past he would have been a lottery pick for sure.

#3 Acie Law - It will be fun to see a young skilled PG run the point with all those other rising stars.

#4 Marco Belinelli - THE best scorer in the draft, book it! This guy in Nellie's system should explode.

#5 Morris Almond - Sloan is usually pretty tough on rookies, but if he can get some playing time, he is exactly what the Jazz need. He can play some defence and he can BOMB the 3 ball with HIGH accuracy. For a team that needs a 3 ball shooting 2 guard, they would be silly not to give this guy a shot at some consistant playing time.
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