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Drew Gooden is definitely not worth 60 million over 6 years. Screw that. 5 million a year, sure. I don't know how Nene received that kind of money, because that's ridiculous. Nene has been in the league for 3 years, and he was hurt all of last year, and a good portion of the year before. Is Kiki Vanderweghe on crack?

Anyways, I would definitely sign and trade Drew for Duhon and Sweetney. Hell yes. Sweetney isn't as good as Drew, but he's a thick dude that can clog the paint, and Duhon is a very good, young PG. I've also heard of a potential rumored trade of Drew to Boston for Delonte West and Ryan Gomes or Theo Ratliff. I would also do that trade. Either way, Drew is going somewhere, because no way Ferry signs him as a Cavalier for that contract. Trade Drew to either of those teams for those players, and then sign another PF, maybe Reggie Evans? Then we should be set.

And with David Wesley supposively about to get signed, you can bet that either Snow Blow or Damon Jones is getting the boot.
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