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Default Re: Conley or Lowry?

Originally Posted by KKittles30
It's just like Toronto:

Mike Conley = T.J. Ford
he is a quick and dangerous passer who can score but, also set people up.
he wins by default as they need a quick speedy guard to start the attack and get the Grizz going.

Kyle Lowry (Go Wildcats!) = Jose' Calderon

They'll play pretty much equal minutes as they compliment each other well. Lowry is about 5 times more physical and will take the ball to the hoop at will. and he will take and welcome contact. If was never hurt last year this would be a non issue as Lowry would've displayed all his talents..
Comparing a rookie that has yet to play his first NBA game -and thus is yet to be seen if he can be successful at the next level- and a second year PG who barely has played 20 NBA games to a player that has 3 seasons under his belt and a 26 year old that had an impressive rookie season might be a little too optimistic.

I mean, that's like a best case scenario. And we all know that it usually takes a little while for PG's to come along, especially when you think Conley will barely be 20 when the season starts.

I'm thinking high on this PG duo, and hoping they can be part of the core of the Grizz, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
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