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Our biggest strength is as easy one. Anderson Varejao has played great for the team. But out biggest weakness is not our players but our offencive strategy. Basicly we don't have one. Its just watch LeBron till he does something. Big Z is a great fit for this team in the half court set but everyone thinks the Cavs should run. I would like to see the Cavs bring in a coach to help Mike Brown like Del Harris does for Avery Johnson. Damon fits LeBrons game perfect. He doesn't dominate the ball and is a set shooter.

I'd love it if the Cavs could just get rid of Mike Brown and get Del Harris as the Head coach instead. He could be LeBron's Phil Jackson.

Not that Mike Brown is doing bad, I just think Del would be the best guy for the job, kinda like Larry Brown when the Pistons kicked Carlisle to the curb.
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