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This was a horrible trade. Not only is pj brown veteran with character whos contract is comin off the books but they also gave up jr smith, a guy with potential to be an all star. and in return you get tyson chandler who has the exactly same game as armstrong and simmons (Defensive prescence with no offense to speak off) and take his bloated contract. dats just stupid IMO

I think the trade was ok. The Bulls got P.J.'s expiring contract, which will give them some money to resign Ben Gordon, and J.R. Smith, and SG that has all the tools that Kobe and T-Mac have to be the next star in Chicago.

For New Orleans, they get another solid defensive presence inside in Tyson Chandler. He has offense; he averaged like 17 ppg in the playoffs, and is just starting to blossom. You guys are foolish to not want him. He could be a 20/10/3 guy for you. He completes your inside out game and you are now contenders in the west. Be happy for Pete's sake.

And J.R. Smith would never be an All Star while Byron Scott is coach.
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