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Default all time draft (sign up)

with the 100 greatest player thing going on, I really think some of the players are too high or too low. But To make things more accurate. As to not play favorites, I think a draft could be nice.

Wat does this mean

-10 teams, just use your user name as team names.

-20 rounds or less, but more than 16 at the very least

-1 round per day

-10 picks per day.

-to keep the draft moving, please sent me a list of players you consider drafting, so if by chance you are not here, I'll do the posting for you.

Ie would be

2. x

but if 1 is taken then I'll post the 2nd, and so on. Obviously if you draft first you don't need a list, just your pick.

-here's the order. You choose which position you want to pick at, ie #1 or #2, but here's the catch, the formate is going to be like this

round 1

round 2


round 3

round 4,
back to the same 1-10

and so on

-trades are allowed, but one team must have at least 12 players

-must have 3 top 5 pick

-the way to win, we'll compare the starting 5 as a whole and the 6th, 7th, etc man as individuals .

-the way we compare can be discussed, and decided a little bit later.

-all trades must have logic
Ie no 1st round for 10th and 11th round

-I might have missed some things, and if I did, please tell me, and if you got suggestions, tell me that as well.


-team lemon
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