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Default Hawks could make playoffs (in the big bad east) with what aquisitions?

the hawks will never get iverson, but if we do t he hawks wil be a STRONG team in the eastern conference, thats without whatever we get back from the Al harrington deal, Steve Belkin couldnt POSSIBLY **** that **** up. Here what we COULD be looking at:

PG Claxton/Lue/Stoudomire
SG Johnson/Childress
SF SMITH/Jackson(,Stephen)
PF Williams(,Marvin)/Willams(,Sheldon)
C ZaZa/Edwards

the hawks wont get Foster, the only way this would work is if they fire the dumbass coach Mike Woodson and get somebody else in there to have a new start. Somebody who would also recognize Josh Smith as the best player on that team and make Joe Johnson a complimentary player to him, and run some good offense. lol, lol, im talkin ****, but thats real mutha ****in talk, if we get AI its a wrap


ima be right near the mutha ****in front in the 06-07 season, *****es and ho's, we gon see what it do
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