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Default Re: I think it may be time for Stern to step down...

Originally Posted by 305Baller
I like the idea of a former player, someone who can keep the game evolving at a players level, yet who is an authorative figure: Larry wait...someone angrier.... Charles Barkley...wait, too dumb.... Michael Jordan...wait he had a gambling problem....ummm....****.

Wait...Jerry West? He IS the frigging logo...

Micheal Jordan: Wait, he's no good at being anything other then a player.

I guess you're just considering players because, well, you probably have no clue about whoever else is vying for that job. To be honest, I don't either, but if a former NBA player gets it, it will be terrible for the league. It'll just be one bad move after another.

Jerry West is overrated. What exactly has he done to earn a spot in your mythical rankings of who should be the next commissioner? Made a couple of trades and signed a few players. In my opinion, no NBA players would even know what do with when they become a commissioner. Stern has so much more to do then any GM in the league.
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