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I'll take Kobe everyday

Lebron is one of my favorite players
but Kobe is a beast

Put it like this

One a team full of offensive weapons you should take Lebron
so he can pick is spots and pass the ball

but One a team the truely needs a Leader!
someone to take over a game all by himself when the team is struggling
Im going with Kobe EVERY TIME!
In that final series Kobe woulda won, at least one game.
why cause he's a far better shooter than Lebron
and in that series a scorer was needed not a passer.
Lebron missed a lot of open jumpers in that series
you can't give Kobe open looks or he'll kill you
even if he struggles eventually he's gonna snap out of it and start making you pay!
Kobe woulda been better suited in those finals than Lebron.
Now if Lebron had more weapons on Offensive, take Lebron
What lebron did to detroit is no different than kobe's 81 pt explosion!
Kobe does that all the time
he just has a much stronger killer instinct than Lebron
lebron has a great all around game
but Kobe is the greatest scorer since Michael point blank
and while Lebron may be a Better teammate cuz everyone loves a passer
Kobe at this point is still a more dominant force
your gonna see this proven in the olympics
they're gonna win gold easily
cuz no one in international ball has a answer for Kobe NO ONE!
His game is taylor made for international ball
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