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Originally Posted by Boki4MVP
now that i look at the roster, i dont feel as bad.

i feel that novak will make and impact scorer coming off the bench.
watching battiers interview makes me more secure that he knows his role, and with the addition of him, mcgrady can be free of guarding the better player on the opossing team, which means more energy for tmac. Yao is Yao. With head being a sharp 3 point shooter, and fair defense, and sura coming back, and snyder, we have a decent bench. an da great starting lineup. we need anothe rbig man tho. battier interview on bottom .

Well put my friend. We could use another PF..but I don't think its a need (especially with our salary cap concerns). I am more concerned with re-signing John Lucas and Chuck Hayes. We could also use another 3 point shooting guard with size ..but we are ok right now. Size is our biggest concern at the guard position with Alston being 6'2", Head being 6'3", and even Lucas (whom we will hopefully will sign) being 5' 11" inches. Thats when Kirk Snyder was a good sign. He is 6' 6" and allows us to cover taller guards.
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