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Default Re: ESPN: Top 100 Prospects For 2008 Draft (OJ Mayo is #1)

month i don't disagree with you at all.... but Lofton is projected as undrafted! Wesley wen't undrafted and i guarantee every team has looked back and wished that their 2nd rounder that year accomplished as much as Wesley. I know he is small and he doesn't necessarily run the offense. But to be ranked 70th or something is ridiculous. Look at half the 2nd round picks 3 years ago and tell me where they are? I'm telling you that in 2011 Chris Lofton will be in the NBA contributing so for him to be ranked 10 or 15 players out of the draft is insane.

Which is why i said i am his new PR guy. Maybe because he has been consistent for a dull Tennessee team with little national exposure. Maybe because some people think he is too small. But the reason I can with 99% certainty tell you Lofton is not the likes of Dajaun Wagner is his drive and love of the game. Wagner thought he was the **** and didn't work. He took advantage of the fact that he had talent. Lofton has an amazing shot but he still goes into the gym night in and night out and shoots till the net falls off.

I know for an undersized guy it is a miracle to become a starter or a star. but if Lofton goes undrafted every scout in the NBA should be replaced. I would be more then happy with him going 1st round. I think he is a steal in the mid to late 2nd though.

And for the record I don't really like Lofton... he beat me in my Regional Championship game on a last second 3 to advance to state. I just know that I have played against him, talked to him, and watched him progress and know that this kid has something.
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