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Originally Posted by Belizario
Kobe is:
anti clutch
stats oriented
a brat
terrific outside scorer
descent defender
a michael jordan wannabe(but who isn't?)

LeBron is:
fun to watch
all around player
great inside scorer
descent defender
great stamina

idk .. if i wanted to win today, i'd pick Kobe ... if i wanted to build a franchise, its LeBron ...

you clearly jus don't like Kobe
he's not selfish
what does it take for people to get off his back
Look Phil tells Kobe to shoot and when not to
early this season Phil said pass and Kobe avg'd 6plus assist
and those are the passes his teamates scored on
2nd he's not a freakin point guard its not his job to distribute the ball
he's asked to because they don't have a pt guard and he draws so much attention from the Defense it creates scoring opportunities for other players
you can't fault a SHOOTING GUARD for not passing more thats an Oximoron!
They call it a shooting Guard cause he's supposed to shoot.
He does what Phil ask when they had a ton of injuries and Phil told Kobe to score. He scored and the lakers won more games!

And Decent defender are you serious
Kobe is one of the most feared defenders in the game Lebron and Wade admitted they wish they was as good defensively as kobe

and Anti Clutch

Especially when Lebron passes up so many big shots and passes to incompetent teammates such as Anderson Verjao

I realize everyone loves the next best thing but Lebron ain't better than Kobe
maybe he will be
but definitely not now

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