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Default Re: Magic/Jordan VS Lebron/Kobe. Who will win?

Originally Posted by Rockets(T-mac)
Two all time legends vs. a top 50 player and a young superstar. You tell me who wins.:rollingeyes:

It's MJ and Magic for cryin out loud!!!!!

Two "all time legends" reputation is not going to help on the court. I'm not a Kobe lover but he's not a legend because he's retired yet. What you're that ignorant that you think he's not going to be a legend, not just a top 50 player. You guys are talking NBA level here, passing and defense doesn't play a great role. Besides Jordan can't hold Kobe and Kobe can't hold Jordan. Magic can pass the ball and that's it. Is not like he has a height advantage over James. Is just one inch. Legends superstar all-star whatever it's all about putting the ball in the whole. MJ and Kobe cancel out. Magic and LeBorn, LeBron wins.
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