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Default Re: Magic/Jordan VS Lebron/Kobe. Who will win?

Originally Posted by steve franchise
How strong you think LeBron is? Besides you're avting like LeBron is 6ft, he is 6-8 and Johnson is 6-9. I think LeBron is stronger. MJ and Kobe. See you don't know what you're talking about. who's going to block Kobe when he goes to the basket? He can do that all night long baby. MJ too. They're not going to take the though shot like you're saying. They can't hold each other. LeBron and Magic. I've already explained that. Magic can't back down LeBron just like that. He can pass but that's not necessary in a 2 on 2 game.

Jordan would flash to the ball much better then kobe would, I like how you are still avoiding my question of asking you how old your are, probably becuase you have never seen jordan or magic play. Magic would do a better job on obe probably then he would on bron so I would have jordan check lebron and I guarantee he would force him to take the outside shot more often then not. Magics length would bother kobes shot a little bit. It wouldnt be a wash but Magics team would clearly win. Notice me calling it magics team and not jordans since I am a laker fan and actually know abotu his game.
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