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Default Re: Magic/Jordan VS Lebron/Kobe. Who will win?

Originally Posted by gb8
Jordan would flash to the ball much better then kobe would, I like how you are still avoiding my question of asking you how old your are, probably becuase you have never seen jordan or magic play. Magic would do a better job on obe probably then he would on bron so I would have jordan check lebron and I guarantee he would force him to take the outside shot more often then not. Magics length would bother kobes shot a little bit. It wouldnt be a wash but Magics team would clearly win. Notice me calling it magics team and not jordans since I am a laker fan and actually know abotu his game.

I don't need to know who's fan you are. Obviously you're still thinking about an NBA arena. I've seen Magic and Jordan play a lot. I like how that "spectacular" phrase by Matt Albert got famous. When Jordan did the Lakers hard. Nobody didn't try to jump and block Jordan. Going back to the game, I don't see how Magic would do a better job on Kobe. He's too slow and if he backs of Kobe can knock down the jumper. I know Jordan was a good defender but Kobe is too fast for him. Just like Kobe is too slwo for Jordan. If Magic is too close to Kobe he can drive by him and if Jordan is standing on the way, dunk on him.
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