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Default Re: Magic/Jordan VS Lebron/Kobe. Who will win?

Originally Posted by Rockets(T-mac)
What the hell are you talking about?

Magic would kill him on the boards. When Magic wants to score he can score. Lebron wouldn't be able to hold him and and Magic would hold Lebron. Magic has more post moves than Lebron so Magic could mix it up more.

Kobe and Jordan yes they would go back and forth, but MJ would get that key block or steal that would in turn give him the edge.

You wish MJ would be Mr. Clutch, this is not the NBA we're talking about here where the key block, turnover, steal, or buzzer beater wins the game.
LeBron would dominate Magic on the boards, he gots more hops. "When Magic wants to score he can score", what do you think when LeBron wants to score he doesn't score or what. Stop overrating Magic.
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