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Default Re: Magic/Jordan VS Lebron/Kobe. Who will win?

Originally Posted by steve franchise
If James gives some space to Magic and force him to take the shot, Magic is in trouble. He was an average shooter. Rodman is not LeBron, LeBron is stronger. How do you think he finishes though plays and goes into the paint with the big guys. Again Magic can't post LeBron just like that. I bet you LeBron would dunk it on Magic all day too. That would be really embarassing.
LeBron is stronger and faster than Magic. Plus in streetball there are no tick-tack fouls. LeBron can take the hard hits. Magic would probably go flying to L.A with James' toughness.
wow, i'm not sure you know what you're talking about. dennis rodman defended, with success, Shaq, Mourning, Karl Malone. lebron has defended bigs such as... tayshawn prince. um.. dirk. anyone else? sure he's bigger, but that doesn't mean he's as strong a defender. dennis was excellent at getting low and holding his ground. lebron is bigger in the upper body. so was anthony mason, but that didn't mean he could get low and hold position against big centers the way the worm did.

backing off of magic never worked. check out his shooting percentage of 52 for his career. you think no one ever thought, "hey! i know! let's back off and make him a jump shooter!" he'd just dribble right up to you, turn his shoulder and start backing down. if you bodied him, he'd spin off and get into the lane. the only way to stop him was with a trap. now you're talking about a game with no backline defenders to help. again, no way he stops lebron on the other end, but there's a reason people argue for magic as a goat candidate, and it's not just his ability to run a fastbreak.
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