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Default Re: Magic/Jordan VS Lebron/Kobe. Who will win?

Originally Posted by Richie2k6
And the same thing I said to Rockets(T-mac) I will say to you, vice versa. Lebron James will not dominate Magic Johnson on the boards. "More hops"? That's your reason? Then how come Desmond Mason doesn't average 13RPG?

There's more to rebounding than "hops". And Magic has leaping ability as well, and was more skilled at the actual art of rebounding. It's more than just jumping and grabbing the ball - that's just the simple way of looking at it. You think Magic didn't have to compete with taller players and good leaping players for rebounds in the 80's?

Trust me, he can compete on the boards with Lebron.

Nobody averages 13RPG dumba... Magic can compete against LeBron but don't say he would crush him on the boards and kill him on the post just like he did to Rodman. Magic was good averaging good numbers but that's with 5 people on your team nba level. I still think LeBron would out muscle Magic and out rebound him. By the way i'm no the person who started this thread. You just think of the biggest names MJ and MJ and you say they would win, but is not like that. How come... doesn't exist in the NBA. 2 on 2 yeah.
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