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Originally Posted by Bourne
Toronto needs a plain defensive center. Thry doin't need one that scores boatloads, more like 10-12 ppg to keep defenders thinking about him.

LaMarcus Aldridge out of Texas may be that man, however I have my doubts that Colangelo feels the same way because he never mentions him as people that the Toronto Raptors are looking at. Now, that may be smokescreens meaning that the Toronto Raptors are definately going to take him at the #1 spot or it could mean just what it implies it means, that the Raptors don't feel his talent and ability justify the #1 pick.

Whatever we do with the draft, I'm not sure we can go another year without something respectable at the center position. Pape Sow cannot be relied upon to handle the duties of a starting NBA Center.
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