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1. Explore trading Carter.... but only if it can Net (ha) them an elite big man such as KG, JO.

2. Spend the MLE wisely on a qaulity PF. Nene, Wilcox and Gooden come to mind, but may be out of reach... they may have to settle for someone like Ely, L. Wright.

If the can't get a qaulity big, look to spend the MLE on a shooter and some depth at the 2/3. F. Jones, M. Harpring.

3. Try to trade your spare parts and expirers for a contributer.


McInnis - was a starting PG in Cleveland and elsewhere
Padgett - has been a nice role player over the years
Cliffy - Still adds solid defense and veteran leadership
Plananic - sucks I admit


Nochbar - only 2 more seaons on contract. Could be a nice filler
Wright - Just missed being a lotto pick. Good size and defense, may be needed to sweeten the pot on a deal.
Illic - Could be the next Krstic, or just a lot of hype.. again may be needed to make a good deal happen.

Other than a 40 y/o Cliffy, none of those players significantly contributed last season.

May have to target a disgruntled or overpaid player in a bad situation.
B.Simmons, Magette, Hassel, Jaric, M.Daniels, D.Miles, S.Swift

4. Draft a back-up PG and possibly long term replacement for Kidd. This draft seems to be deep at PG this year. Douby would be a nice option. Local kid, can shoot and fullfill a scorers role of the bench. However defense is essential, especially a Wade stopper. In this case Rondo could work too.

With their second pick hope Hilton Armstrong falls to you, or Shawne Williams.

5. With LLE, sign some more depth upfront. Illic may not be over next season, may not be ready if he is, or may need to be packaged in trade. Jarron Collins is a FA. 6 more fouls, solid D, and a decent 3rd string center

My Realistic 2006-2007 NJ Nets

Draft: Douby, Armstrong
MLE: Ely
LLE: Collins
Trade: McInnis, Padgett, Cliffy, Plananic + (Future #1 or Illic)* for D.Miles and Dixon
*If necessary

PG: Kidd / Douby / Vaughn
SG: Carter / Wright / Dixon
SF: Jefferson / D.Miles / Nochbar
PF: Ely / Armstrong
C : Krstic / Collins / Collins

My Pipe Dream Team

Draft: Douby, Shawne Williams
LLE: JrCollins
Trade: McInnis, Wright, Nochbar Padgett, Cliffy, Illic for Boozer, D.Brown

MLE: With the big contract of Boozer the Net's probably would not look to spend their money with the whole MLE. They do need depth upfront, even though Shawne Williams would give them an atheltic look at the 4, and Murray spot minutes. L. Wrigt may be an affordable option.

PG: Kidd / Douby / Vaughn
SG: Carter / D.Brown / Plananic
SF: Jefferson / ShwWilliams / Murray
PF: Boozer / LWright
C : Krstic / Collins / Collins
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