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That is great! I hope he sticks and make it in the league. Unfortunately he is a SG that is on the short end of the stick. And he doesnt have the quickness/speed to make up for his shortcoming. Fundamentally sound. And definatetly is an efficient shooter from midrange to the 3. And is money at the FT line. If he were to get the avg amount of FT's needed to be among the league leaders he would be rank in the top 10. He is somewhat of a Tony Delk like player, meaning with Delk you didnt expect a "PG" you expected someone to come in and light it up when given the chance. I really wanna see how this works in Milw.

I went to highschool & college with him. That is my buddy. Havent spoken to him since he went overseas to play ball. If he had 4 more inches he would have been in the league by now. He was better then Flip Murray in HS & college, also in summer leagues as well.
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