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The 2-point guard system is becoming more and more commonplace in the nba as teams move toward the run n gun, small-ball styles. teams don't often start with 2 pg's but at some point in the game, it's not unusual to find 2 of em playing together. Kirk Heinrich/Chris Duhon... Baron Davis/Derek Fisher... Alston/Luther Head... Nash/Barbosa... Ridnour/Watson... and i don't know what new york is doing with their 3 headed Marbury/Francis/Crawford trio... but the Jazz have been using it the last 3 years with limited success. I wish Terry had shot the ball more in the finals and if moving him to the 2 spot would give him more opportunities, so be it. Being in SLC, I watched Banks a lot when he was at UNLV in the MWC conference. It seems like he plays the game at another speed and intensity level so i think the mavs, with their quickness, could cater to Banks' playmaking.
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