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Originally Posted by Perezident
hate to say i told u guys so....this goeff kid is a pysco........ all of the good free agents are gone.... and we could of gotten um to we got da money...we missed on darius..... we missed on griffin..... good key role players who could help the team.... after all this i'm ready to unleash bonzi for al harrington and call it that...... we still havent found a back up center as yet because of this moron petrie what a loser..... bonzi is costing the team seriously i really hope due to all this silence something bigggg (and sensible) happens bonzi is gonna curse our team if we dnt do something to solve this matter....... give da guy what he wants or somethin similar to it..... because i look at it like this... if u dnt we lose him if u do.... he might stink later on ........ but like geoff said were talkin now and were not rebuildin soooo give bonzi what he wants and let us win a championship already for phuck sakes and someone please tell me y we still have jason hart n (that guy who we got for the skinner trade from seattle) on our team trade those worthless garbage idiots for some trade exemptions and some cash ...... those guys are dead beats... come on petrie u better dnt let us down......

I agree with all of it. thanks for the funny read.
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