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Default JJ and Darko

Everyone talks about Dwight/Jameer as the 1 - 2 punch in Orlando. I think it will work well because of Jameers ability to get to hoop and dish to Dwight but I am looking just as much to watch Darko devlope his post game and need to be doubled and his ability to hit the 18 - 20 foot shot which will allow him to to play the screen and roll with Jameer and JJ. I think Darko and JJ will either be able to grow together or both will be huge busts. With JJ's lack of athletism he will be very happy to have a shot blocker like Darko behind him. I see these two players as the 2 biggest stars the Magic could have. I think Dwight and Jameer are both good and could get an all star level but i think Darko and JJ could be All NBA type players. Am I completly off or could i be on to something.
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