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Default Re: Reasons NBA Live Sucks

Originally Posted by brantonli
I once had the most laughable glitch ever: me and my friend were joking around while playing a game on NBA Live 06, and I attemped a halfcourt shot with Yao (a regular J). He jumped, reached the apex and just froze. Just frozen in midair. Nothing I did could get him back down and the ball was still in his hands, so I had to wait for the 24 second shot clock before he came back down.

-players just walk out of bounds
-once in a while the ball just pops in the air end ends up on the other side of the court, out n the ballhandler who was attacking the rim
-rebounding is impossible, i box out and the guy just jumps over me to get the rebound
-winning jump balls is impossible, i had tyson chandler jumping with chris duhon and duhon won even though i was smashing square like there was no tomorrow
-i had kobe miss a fast break dunk with nobody near him. it's even worse with bigs who are wide open under the basket.
-once in a while i have a fast break go for a dunk and the guy pulls up for a jumshot or fakes it.

Yeah, I hate that. I was on a complete breakaway with Melo and attempted a dunk and he attempted a 5 foot jumpshot instead - and missed. Sadly I couldn't grab my own rebound because the computers on Hall of Fame mode run like lightning, and they came from behind and bombarded me with players and took the ball. Apparently Tim Duncan is faster than Kobe Bryant, too, because he caught me on a fastbreak.

I also hate how they grab defensive boards and whip it downcouurt to a player for an easy layup. It's like they know I'm going to miss, so the moment I release the ball, they jet up court and wait for the full court lob for the layup. Unguardable.

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