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Default The cyclical nature of recruiting

Two years ago, I believe only two Top 100 players signed with Big Ten teams. Disastrous year of recruiting, conference-wide.

In 2007....whole 'nother story.

Of the top 50 (using's rankings), 27 have given verbals:

9 to the Big Ten
5 to the Big East
5 to the Big XII
4 to the SEC
3 to the ACC
1 to the Pac-10

Of the next 50, 26 have given verbals:
5 to the Big Ten
5 to the ACC
5 to the Pac-10
3 to the Big East
3 to the SEC
1 to the Big XII
4 to non-BCS

14 to the Big Ten
8 to the Big East
8 to the ACC
7 to the SEC
6 to the Big XII
6 to the Pac-10
4 to non-BCS

That's six more than the Big East despite having five less schools, and six more than the almighty ACC, which admittedly may not be done, but then again, the Big Ten may not be either; the Big Ten's total could be up to 17 or 18 before it's over.

On top of that, according to's team rankings, four Big Ten recruiting classes are in the top six, currently: Michigan State No. 2, Ohio State No. 3, Illinois No. 4, and Purdue No. 6. Don't know exactly how they rank them, but I like it anyway.
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