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Originally Posted by Skywalker
If you don't like Chuck you have problems, someone just died in your life who was important to you. And yeah **** Rod Black, because he's not helping starving children right?

Lol, what's with all the f'in flaming?!? For some of you you'd think I made fun of your mothers; calm down.

He just pisses me off; I think he's a tool and he clowns around too much (it's not even that he gets excited - watch soccer games if you wanna see excited commentators). I like Leo alot better. I was just wondering how many people agree with and how many don't. If you don't like him, good. If you do, good too, it just means you see/hear something in him that I don't (or dont get pissed off at something I do at). Anyways, poll continying...
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