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The NBA does look at size for certain people. I don't get how Dee Brown got drafted when Mike Gansey and Chris Quinn went undrafted. Both players are clearly better than Brown in all aspects of the game, except defense for Quinn. They both played in the best conference in college. The Jazz also complained about not having enough shooting during the draft, but past on both players. Gansey could have been like a Hornacek type player and would have fit in perfectly with Utah. Brown is not a distributor and is 5'11. He is a shoot first guard, which the NBA loves apparently (unless your G-Mac). He had a sub-par year in college and shot at an abysmal percentage. Gansey shot around 56% from the field as a guard and over 50% from three. Quinn was one of the best at running a half court set, which the Jazz run. Pittsnogle was also available, which would have provided another big shooter like Okur to come off the bench. Diaz was mentioned by the Clippers fan, and I would like to say he's another poor percentage shoot first player the NBA loves for some reason. Some analyst said he just looks like an NBA player, which is the only reason I could see him being drafted. You guys say the Jazz like to use to PG lineups, so Brown will get a chance to play along side Williams. I hate to burst your bubble, but that wont happen. Why would Fisher be acquired? For that reason, and he will get the most minutes off the bench. Brown is not a Sloan type player. The only things he's got going for him is defense. Milsap was a nice pick, but Gansey should have been the other pick in the second round. He would resemble Sloan the best out of anyone on the team and would have been an absolute steal. The NBA GM's just showed how stupid they were draft night drafting so many international players in the second round and drafting alot of the wrong college players. Also, Renaldo Balkman in the first round? Isiah must have like his dreadlocks. I just hope Quinn, Pittsnogle, and ecspecially Gansey (biggest screw job in draft) latch on to an NBA team and prove everybody wrong.
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