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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
The Clippers have Livingston, Brand, and Magettee. Name one person besides Kobe on the Lakers who can compare with any of them. .

as i remember, last year in the last "staples" game lamar shut down EB....
and thanku for adding to my point that last yr was the first yr for almost all the lakers in the triangle, now theyr more accustomed and every1 knows the triangle is unstopable wen played correctly
the zenmaster took a team of kobe and jrhigh players and got them 45 wins [shud of been 53 but alot of close game mistakes, lakers= 1 of most games played that ended in 3 pts or less] now with the learning of the offense and a few minor additions lakers will make the 6th seed +- pending on other teams [hou uta sac] ....and clipps i give u props that this yr it will come down to the wire of who'l have a better record [which u shud with the better team, but to bad we'v got the intangibles the push us over the edge]
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