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Default "Bon" vy ige "zi"

Originally Posted by Kiss Murder
All this waiting and nothing has happened with our team yet...I can't take anymore of it..I need something to happen!

Trade , Sign , Something!

hmmmm i could sense it if bonzi doesnt becareful this could be another "i need to feed my kids" senario...bonzi could very well be like spree and jack things up for him n a heart beat ... because no one wants to give him that long term of a deal because he's gettin older and he knows it ...he doesnt mind sittin on the bench cause he knows he has a huge paycheck to softn up the pine.... lol all i can say is lets get rid of him for some role players and some salary cap cuz he clearly shows us he doesnt wanna be hear......carry his phuckin azz to atl for al harrington and tyronne lue... then cut jason hart or trade him for a free roster space n cash to a dead beat team..... im outty....(i cant believe i said get rid of bonzi) thats onli the frustration talkin though .... i feel ya kis murder
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