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Default Re: is iverson a top 10 player?

I think after the top 6 everybody else is bundled up up to maybe 12-13 and the list can be altered any given day or certainly week.

1. Duncan
2. Kobe
These are the 2 that actually earned their spots as the best.

Generally I think most of the next group can be bundled up to, but these guys have either won something or are just media darlings or media darlings because they've won something. Or if you're a conspiracy theorists, won something because they're media darlings :wink: :wink:. But that hype won't let them drop much in the general public.


Then there's Melo/Tmac/AI/Yao/Kidd/Arenas/Pierce and pretty much I'd personally take it in that order

Now back to those darlings. I don't think Nash is a top 10 individual talent in the league. I think he's a great player, and happens to be on an amazingly talented team with a system befitting to him. However, given he's winning in a situation where pretty much any good pg would win in, and was handed MVPs, then he has to be that high. Dirk? he has his ups and downs and I believe his great team helps put him up a few spots too. Lebron and Wade, great talents, but again can be arguably grouped with the guys I have at the 8-9 area. But their hype is gonna keep them top 5.

But as for AI, I think he's top 10, if not top 10 then definately in the discussion and will obviously get some votes to be there, so pretty much he's in as no group of people will agree on a top 10
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