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Default Re: is iverson a top 10 player?

Originally Posted by tmacyaokobe01
nah you hate yao.

i'm not asian myself but you thought i was asian and you insulted me with a racist joke.

if you insult a black player because he was black as well then your probably not a racist your probably just an idiot.
That wasn't an insult. Observing by the way you act, type, and just the plain old knowledge (not going for everybody that is asian) you possess, it just came to me that you are. If not, then my mistake.

Again, false assumptions. I don't hate Yao. I don't hate asians.

By your pathetic logic, if I claimed that I hate a person named Tracy, let's say I know him personally and I exposed it to the whole world, does that spread out the hate to every person named Tracy in the world? Dumbass.
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