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Default Re: is iverson a top 10 player?

Originally Posted by Fudge
Are you blind? Did you skim thorugh it and call it a day? Talking out of your ass.
where oh where did I say I was unknowledgeable? Show me, then maybe it's true.
Again, out your ass. How was I cursing? By calling you an idiot? Wow, if you take that so seriously then you must be considered a adolescent.
Go for it, how are you gonna report me? "He called me an idiot, I take that to the chest, hard. It hurt, ban him for 3 days!" "Eliminate his MOD rights there after!"

do you type blindfolded?

do you remember that point forward thread where i OWNED you?

all you did is curse because your too pathetic to name facts.

You are completely unknowledgeable all you do is curse at people when they don't agree with you when your a crack addict.
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