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Default Re: is iverson a top 10 player?

Originally Posted by Richie2k6
- Was a top MVP candidate at one point in the season
- Still one of the best scorers in the league
- Carried the Rockets without Yao
- Is a playmaker
- Can score, rebound, defend, pass, steal, block. Most all-arounded player behind Kevin Garnett and Lebron James

Just a brief explanation.
Exactly. How do you not include McGrayd out of the top 10. His groaning back issues certainly dropped him down a level or to, but look at the guy. He's still looking fresh on the court, dropping 3's shooting from anywhere on the court. His efficiency is the main problem -- from the start of his career until now.

Some people are taking it way too seriously on Tracy, considering that you all have Melo close (where you can retain the 2nd round-virgin factor) to the top 10, if not included.
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