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Why does Pirates of Carribbean do so freakin' well at the box office?
Good question!
It's doing well because of the massive marketing. All the hype it gets plays a big part. It's a film that doesnt offer anything mind opening, anything that'd make the movie historical outside being a hit. Questions were left open in the first part so audience became dependant on the sequal?

It's a film that's made to entertain those who choose to watch it, the story has elements that makes the audience feels coherence, being part of the film, dealing the same stuff in real life as the characters in the film do. Studios have employees who get their paychecks for this type of stuff and I'm not talking about producers.

Also having popular actors that especially youngsters idolize makes a big difference.

Unfortunately we live in an era where the actual content is irrelevant next to lucrative little tricks.
Something for everyone.

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