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Default Re: Top 10 most overrated NBA players of all-time!

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
but they are capable of making it past the second round...something that Big O never did without KAJ in the twilight of his career...

The only way you get a triple double with 30 points and that many assits to dominate the ball so much that others wont have a chance to really get a feel...The only person I know did something similar in points and assits for a year was Tiny archinbald and people say dude just dominated the ball a ton...

People try to put Big O in the same sentence as Shaq, TD and he isnt there...he isnt on Bird and MAgic's level either...
It was only 2 rounds back then before the NBA Finals. The Royals made 2 Eastern Division Finals I believe.

You can't blame the guy for playing in the same Eastern Conference that featured the Celtics, The Nationals and later on the 76ers and Knicks.
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