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Default Re: Trade scenario: Miami and New York

Originally Posted by ReturnOfJimi
You must not know about contracts.

Read up, son.

The Heat, in this case, don't want your garbage.

garbage????our new york knicks have a young and talented team and the potential to make the playoffs hopefully...the heat need to rebuild now, if i see wade next year leave the game in a wheelchair again, miami might be the biggest laughing stock of the season....

jason williams- too inconsistent
gary payton- too old
alonzo mourning- too old
shaq-too old
wade- injures
haslem- good underrated player
dorrell wright- has potential
michael doleac- no comment
damon jones- shoot threes and thats it.
SMUSH PARKER- LMAO great pick up for the HEAT

if i forget to mention someone else, theyre worthless
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