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Default Re: Suprising west team...

Depends on a couple of things.

1. The PG. How quickly can Conley make the transition to the NBA.

2. Can Navarro lightit up at SG. Can he hit the NBA 3pters with the same regularity (44%) and get the respect in the lane (88% FTs), he has the same teardrop move Parker uses so effectively.

3. Can Mike Miller repeat his outstanding efforts from last year.

4. Can Gasol regain his all-star form.

5. Can Milicic make a serious progression, say 14, 8, 2.5.

If the answers are yes, they´ll be a very dangerous offensive team, that can run and play inside out, and beat every team on a given night, but ultimately I don´t see a lot of defense on their roster.
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